Recurring Billing Policy


Last Updated February 3rd, 2024 (2/3/2024)



By agreeing to the Terms of Service & Recurring Billing Policy, you authorize Hawk Supplements, LLC  (We) to charge your card on file until either you (customer) or Hawk Supplements, LLC pauses, skips, or cancels the recurring order. Customer(s) have full control to manage there subscription by creating an account at Full control is defined as the ability to pause, skip, and cancel there recurring order. Make changes to the card that is used to charge for the recurring order and make changes to the shipping address. 


Hawk Supplements, LLC provides subscriptions services at no additional cost to the consumer. Hawk Supplements, LLC in its own discretion and without prior notification, may suspend or cancel subscription services. 

Customers have the ability to cancel there recurring orders without prior notice to Hawk Supplements, LLC. Customer will need to login to there account at to successfully cancel there recurring order. 

Occasionally, items are out of stock and the subscription might not be able to be fulfilled. You authorize Hawk Supplements to charge your card on file once the product becomes back in stock. If you choose to cancel your subscription during this time, we may still charge you for the subscription prior to you cancelling.


If Hawk Supplements, LLC is unable to charge your card on file, we will attempt to charge your card on file a total of three (3) times, every seven (7) days. If the payment method on file is not update during this time period and Hawk Supplements, LLC is still unable to successfully charge the card on file, Hawk Supplements, LLC will pause and or cancel the subscription.